Ghostified City (introduction and index)

‘Ggc-cover-ver-1-spookyhostified City’ is a post-dystopian sci-fi tale written by Bram Cools, and his first attempt to a full-length story in English. It is set in a world that could be a future version of ours if we are unable to work on certain problems of our current societies. ‘Ghostified City’ will be updated at least once a week in short chapters of less than 1000 words, and if everything goes well it will one day be compiled into a book.

The story of ‘Ghostified  City’ is told from the viewpoint of Adaman Yimmand, who is working in The City with robots and machines every day, but might not have met another actual human being in img002years. Everything begins when he breaks his routine he enters a bar where he meets Evelith, who does not let him go after he has had his -rather terrible- beer. And then ‘the genie is out of the bottle and won’t get back in’ in her words. Adaman meets more people, like the living anachronism Leste who is a specialist in projecting ancient music and 3D-videos, and the old janitor Velia who knows how to make mint tea from actual plant.  Gradually he has no choice but to accept that the reality of  The City is not what he always thought it was, and to face the darkness of a humanity that’s running out in autopilot.

Is there any hope left for him, and for his species?

Warning: some aspects of the background behind the story might not be suitable for an audience that’s too young. Either because of some more adult themes like death through suicide and sex -the first prominently present in the City and the background story, the latter only in the background- , a very depressing philosophy of life, or otherwise probably because of the slow pace. (That being said,  if you can handle ‘brave new world’ and ‘1984’ you’ll be able to handle this one too; it’s probably a bit lighter even)
There might not be that much fast action and romance in the world where president Emon is said to reign though.

Part I: awakening at the bar:
Ghostified City I: Grey streets
Ghostified City II: Nirvana Ecstasy
Ghostified City III: Fake beer and ancient music
Ghostified City IV: Meeting an actual human being at last
Ghostified City V: Evelith Anathemina
Ghostified City VI: The complications of real humans
Ghostified City VII: Too much for my poor robobrain
Ghostified City VIII: Disposable man
Ghostified City IX: Staying over for the night
Ghostified City X: dream sequence #1

Part II: the temple of Acosmia
Go here for the most recently updated  list of episodes:
Ghostified City: introduction and index

Ghostified City: extra notes #1
Ghostified City: Character descriptions #1





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